The Adventurist Guide to Downtown Las Vegas

Sin City Pickers

antiquesIf you live anywhere near Downtown, or are a frequent visitor, I’m sure you’re familiar with Antique Alley and all of the wonderful shops there. Many shops specialize in certain things such as Vegas memorabilia, clocks, vintage items and/or collectibles. Possibly the most unique place to shop is at the south end of Antique Alley. It is Sin City Pickers. The two story green building is located on the northwest corner of Wyoming and Main Street. From the time you enter the space you will be engulfed in 10,000 square feet of shopping nirvana. This amazing venue has a wide selection of items from vintage and collectibles to albums and rare finds. Sin City Pickers is a unique space which houses many different stalls for vendors to sell their wares.

20160509_122022Many of the stalls have specialty collectibles such as tea sets, vintage signs, ceramics, furniture, and clothing. There are stalls where you can buy, sell, and/or trade items. Sin City also offers a space for local artists to display and sell their art.

Sin City may look different when you visit because every six months the stalls rotate to allow for different vendors and artists. There are booths that support different charities. Owner/manager Katie Hughes-Appel donates to charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Absence of Hunger which is an organization that provides meals to elementary school children to take home so that they have food to eat for dinner.

20160509_121731The second floor of the building houses a fantastic toy and collectible store. This stall has everything from Barbie to Star Trek. You can definitely get lost looking through the stacks of comic books and shelves of action figures. There are items for all ages and every level of collector.

Sin City hosts many events throughout the year. One of the regular events is on Thursday evenings when there is a running game of Dungeons and Dragons. There are steam punk tea parties throughout the year. In the fall there will be a comic book fair and art exhibit. Sin City has also hosted yard sales and farmer’s markets. Be on the lookout for more events to come.

20160509_122927One of the coolest things in Sin City pickers is an electric shock therapy machine possibly from the early 1930’s! The machine has been transported here from Boston. The investigators from Southern Nevada Ghost hunters have tested the machine for paranormal activity and it registered a tremendous amount! They intend to investigate further and film an episode from Sin City Pickers. How cool is that?!

Take some time to sift through the wonderful treasures such as the over 6000 records in the new record room, vintage dolls and collectibles, and other amazing finds at the Rabbit Hole. Sin City Pickers is open 11am-6pm with free parking in front and in back of the store located at 10 W. Wyoming. Like and follow them on Facebook at Countess Katie’s Art Emporium/Sin City Pickers Antique Mall.