The Adventurist Guide to Downtown Las Vegas

PublicUS, Fueling Your Fremont Foodie Adventure!

If you’ve never ventured any further east on Fremont than the hype of Fremont East and the Fremont Street Experience, you’re missing out on some of the best food downtown. PublicUS is a short 5-block walk from the iconic preying mantis at the Downtown Container Park and is located inside Fremont Village shopping center at the corner of 12th and Fremont.

PublicUS is a community driven restaurant committed to using the highest quality ingredients available and making food with integrity. Equally concerned with flavor and nutrition, this culinary experience includes extensive vegan options.

Our choice for today’s adventure: The Veggie Frittata with a Lemon Lime Iced Green Tea. The eggs for this delicious dish were sourced locally from Artisanal Farms. Served alongside roasted potatoes, the meal is hearty without being heavy or overwhelming. Matching it with the ideas green tea beverage was our choice for an extra kick, but there is an entire coffee bar of options to suit your palate.

Free parking on the street and in the private lot make visiting this spot a piece of cake, and there’s even an RTC bike share station right outside.