The Adventurist Guide to Downtown Las Vegas

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Downtown Las Vegas is the best place to hang out. It’s not easy to know where to go and what to do if you don’t live down here, which is why the Adventurist Guide was created! With this Guide in your hands, you will be able to plan a day, evening or even a weekend around the places to go and things to do in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas.


Sweet Spot Candy Shop

If you had only 24 hours to show the best of Downtown to your visiting friends, where would you take them? Guide in hand, perhaps you’d begin your day with breakfast at Vickie’s Diner. For over 50 years, this strip eatery has been serving up home cooked meals with Vegas hospitality. Then, perhaps, you’d do a little shopping at Sin City Pickers. This collection of sellers has the most eclectic combination of antiques, local art, and collectibles. Make your way north on Main Street where you can window shop, take a pottery class at Clay Arts Vegas or even get a tattoo! A leisurely walk or a quick ride down to Fremont Street and you will be ready for lunch. Maybe the oasis in the desert that is the Cous Cous Mediterranean Café will tempt you with fresh, healthy, natural Mediterranean cuisine.


Vickie’s Diner

Travel a little further east on Fremont Street to the Container Park to find a great place to relax. This is also where you can get amazing, all natural, hand crafted chocolates from Jin Ju Chocolates; voted Best of Las Vegas 2015 Chocolate Shop. You can also grab some old fashioned candy treats from The Sweet Spot candy shop which has gummy candies, chocolate, and all the vintage treats you remember from childhood.

With a wide array of places to dance, listen to live bands, play games and of course gamble, there is no shortage of ways to end your evening. So grab you Guide and let the adventure begin!